Tuesday, November 8, 2011

If I'm not my Brain, Who Is?

For Friday, please complete your critique and revision of your classmate's Knowledge Issues and email same to her.  For Monday, fortified by the understanding this critique provides, please compose two KIs for the article on Embodied Cognition and post them here in Comments.  Beyond that, good luck on exams, and remember to check back before Thanksgiving for your vacation fun.


  1. Knowledge Issues on Embodied Cognition:

    To what extent is our cognition influenced by experiences in the physical world?

    To what extent to semantics arise from the nature of the body?

  2. Embodied Cognition Article
    Knowledge Issues:

    1. In what ways do our outside experiences, influence the way we think?

    2. How do metaphors increase our method of understanding?

  3. My knowledge issues on the "Embodied Cognition" article
    1. Up to what extent does cognition determine our perception of things around us?
    2. How does strongly does the human body determine the nature of the human body?

  4. Embodied Cognition - Knowledge Issues:
    1. To what extent are metaphors used for the understanding of our language?
    2. In what ways can our bodies be used to influence our mind?

  5. Embodied Cognition Knowledge Issues
    1.To what extent is language based on interaction?
    2.To what extent is the mind connected to the body?

  6. Embodied Cognition Knowledge Issues:
    1. How does the brain alter our understanding of knowledge?
    2. To what extent does our language influence the body. In other words, in what ways do language influence our actions?

  7. 1. What does the theory of embodied cognition suggest about our ways of knowing?

    2. Can we conceive any thought that is not at its root metaphorical? How could one define an idea without a metaphor?
    Is language a metaphor?

  8. Embodied Cognition Knowledge Issues:
    1.In what ways do emotions influence knowledge?
    2. In what ways do metaphors influence understanding of knowledge?

  9. Embodied Cognition
    Knowledge Issues:

    1.How do both bodily experiences and our brains lead to the acquirement of knowledge?
    2.Do what extend does language represents knowledge?

  10. Could our cognition be restricting our knowledge of the world? ( referring to the influence upon our cognition from the physical world).

    Given that the brain clearly does not work on its own, to what extent can one depend only on their brain?

  11. Did our emotions and values affect the cognition?

    Could cognition represent our background and personality?


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