Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Now Presenting...

For next class, please come in with your proposal for the form and subject matter of your practice presentation.  You should be ready to discuss these with me and with one another.  I've shared with you a document that details the goals and structure of the presentations and which includes several example topics, formats, and personal perspectives.  You do not need to post about this process--simply arrive on Tuesday ready to work.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Knowledge Travels in a Cycle, Yes it Does...

By next Tuesday morning, please have and document an Ah-Ha! moment.  As we discussed and demonstrated tonight, this moment should originate in a text (idea, discussion, concept, etc) in a class other than TOK.  The Eureka! occurs when you connect it, via a knowledge question, to another area of your life or knowledge.  Trust your instincts: if you intuit a connection, you need not immediately be able to articulate it to pursue it.  That said, please lucidly formulate the connection before you write about it here.  Though of course, you will have formulated your thought several seconds before you're aware you have.  Finally, here's proof I don't make up the songs I sing in class.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Shifting Shapes of Ways of Knowing

For Friday, let us attempt to turn last week's work on its head: a rationalization is an attempt to ascribe one's actions, opinions, etc. to causes that seem reasonable (that is, based on reason) but that are actually unrelated to the real (and often less reasonable) causes.  In other words, this is an emotionally driven attempt to create knowledge via reason.  Two questions, then: do you agree with this definition of rationalization (and please explain your answer)?  What rationalization can you identify in the world around you and how do you account for its existence (why and how was it created)?

For Tuesday, now that you have had your EE feedback conference, share a moment of fresh perspective on some aspect of your essay and the way that the moment of knowledge changed for you.

For extra credit, watch this video and bring a flexahexagon to class on Tuesday.