Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Questions We Hope Remain Irrelevant

  • To what extent will the incompleteness theorem apply to your Extended Essay?
  • As every human is shaped by experience and influence, can an Extended Essay be original?
  • Does the unknowable inspire significant Extended Essays?
 For next week's class (1/24), please read chapters 1-3 in the IB Extended Essay book (pp1-21).  In class, Ms. Durrett will present an overview of the EE and get you started on the first step: brainstorming your proposed subject areas.  Bring thoughts and questions.  Bring your book, too.

Also, next week you will present an overview of what you learned through interviewing your chosen person about his/her own research project, so come with your notes and be prepared to synthesize your conversation and reflections.

Because I know you all read and loved the last one, here's another of my favorite Browning monologues, this one creepier than the last.

Finally, congratulations to you all on your first round of presentations.  You thought and spoke with bravery and grace; I learned a tremendous amount and was led to connections I would not otherwise have approached.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Formalizing Your Curiousity

As we discussed in class, and as your handout details, for next time please schedule, prepare for, complete, and take notes on your interview with the member of the faculty or staff you have selected.  Remember that this interview should focus on the process and methods of research, not the subject matter.  Please bring your notes to our next class.
Congratulations to tonight's presenters, and happy extended preparation (as needed) to next week's.  In the meantime, enjoy one of my favorite dramatic monologues by Robert Browning.  Also consider this article on the father of geology, and consider the ramifications of the fossils-are-rocks-that-fell-from-the-moon theory which preceded Steno's work.