Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Do you know what I mean?

With thanks to Larry Ferlazzo and his excellent blog, via Bill Ivey and his excellent emails, please read and respond to the following for Friday.

Review these links on knowledge issues. Please takes notes and respond in the comments section, using these prompts as your non-limiting guide:
1) What is a knowledge issue?
2) What are key ideas to remember when you are trying to write one?
3) Write two or three knowledge issues.
4) Which resource was the best in helping you understand knowledge issues, and why?

Now let's hone those Knowledge Issue skills: read through the articles and watch the video found via the five new links at the top of the "TOK LINKS" list on the right.  Choose two of the links, and derive two KIs from each (for a total of four).  Post them in comments for Tuesday morning; please indicate from which article each KI comes.