Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What are you suggesting?

If we begin with a definition of connotations—found here or elsewhere—then the act of understanding them is one of decoding.  For Friday morning and your first round of comments, please identify and record here one act of decoding you commit (prosecuted or otherwise) in a class other than TOK.  Detail for us the explicit meaning of the text and all the implicit meanings you find, as well as how you use these meanings.  Then, in the context of what we’ve heard, read, and thought about free will (follow this for a new reading before your second posting) and how we choose, do some writing for Tuesday morning in which you reflect on the decisions you make in the process of decoding these implications.  To what extent are your understandings decisions that you control?  Remember, too, that these second rounds of comments should reflect your considerations of each other’s ideas.