Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Issue in Question

Let us begin where we ended.  For Friday, please repost the scientific snippet on which your classmate has written.  Then critique, refute, reinforce, and explore both the quotation and your colleague's close reading.  In the same way we did in class, identify the questions of knowledge at play, and evaluate them.  Plan your writing and craft your thoughts.  Be careful; be exact.

For Tuesday, I invite you (without the possibility of demurral) to explore and share your thoughts on the IB experience thus far.  Please write 600-800 words about how the IB has impacted your life.  It’s early, I know, but it’s never too early to reflect.  This is a formal piece of writing, as the structure, diction, and syntax should reflect.  Be careful, be exact, be honest.  Before class, please email me your essay as an attachment, and bring a printed copy to class.